Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I Will Expose His Private Part If...

Hi sister good morning.
I'm actually very upset and don't want to do anything rash because of how vindictive I've become because of a certain Ben I.
My story goes this way.
I am 27 years old. I'm from Oko in Anambra State. In March this year, my ex boyfriend leaked my nudes to the public. It was contained but it cost me my account and my relationship with my family. They now watch me like a hawk. I am not even allowed to have a phone but I usually use my brother's phone while he's asleep to chat in the night.
Now I got acquainted with this guy (Ben I) here on Facebook. He was forming single for me. I told him I am single but he lied to me about breaking up with his girlfriend.
Now, when his girlfriend suspected him because of the comments he made on my post, he started telling her that I was a desperate person and forcing myself on him. He now told me that I should not bother about the girlfriend because he wants to use me to hurt her.
I pleaded with him not to do that but later I told him that I am game. But later that day, I now sent the girlfriend the screenshots of chats between me and Ben. She did not believe me until I sent her his nudes that he shared with me.
So, when she now confronted him, he denied but the girlfriend now dumped him that day. He now came back and was telling me that I am an evil person for telling his girlfriend. But the thing is he wanted to play me against his girlfriend. He wanted to be sleeping with both of us but I scattered his plans.
He now blocked me. What is paining me is that he blocked me, even his ex girlfriend blocked me now, and both of them now made up.
Aunty please I need you to tell Ben  to unblock me and apologize to me for shattering my heart or I will release the pictures of his dick that I have. I even have his sisters and brothers Facebook contacts and I will not hesitate to send those pictures if he doesn't say that he is sorry for making me an idiot because of his actions.
Thank you.

At 27, there are some battles that is too childish, immature, and wasteful for you to fight. There are some demands that are unnecessary for you to make, and there are some individuals that you shouldn't give such freedom to waste your time and energy in a purposeless venture. 
Ben or whatever you call his name is one individual that you shouldn't waste a second demanding for his apology, because God saved you from his evil manipulation, and I feel that you should be grateful to God, and possibly pity any lady who thinks that she loves him. 
Secondly, there is no benefit, gain, or any form of reward that you will get from exposing his dick on social media. If anything, you will be reducing your value and virtue as a lady, and giving those who knows you the impression that you are actually desperate for a man. 
I will suggest that you thrash this experience, save your energy for something productive, profitable and purposeful. 
Focus on healing and becoming a better woman for your husband and children. As for Ben, his type doesn't deserve a second of your attention. Don't make him relevant by wasting your time on him. 
You will be absolutely fine and happy without going through the route of exposing his dick.

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