Saturday, November 18, 2017

Should I Keep Shut or Expose His Illicit Business?

I got married in 2010. I got married to a man perceived by people as being rich. I married him because I wanted to get married and not because of his money.
I got to realise he traffics drugs in 2015, though he has a business he runs. I have been doing everything possible to make him stop the drug trafficking job but he has refused to and he is even threatening me.
I am just confused and frustrated, and I am not one who would want to leave my home. I am thinking of like keeping my mouth shut and allow him continue with it.
Please, I am seeking for your advice.

I am sincerely not in the best position to preach against your husband's business but I will do my best to share some consequences of his job to you. 
A drug trafficer exposes his/her family to possible government arrest if caught, and what that means is that you may never have peace of mind as long as you are married to him and he's into this business of drug trafficking. 
His business is one that destroys the life of others, not just consumers alone but those people who he works with. 
Now, knowing how vulnerable it is living with him with its attendant risks, it is imperative to keep pressing and talking to him about considering quitting such a business. 
I may not know what his threats were, but I would rather suggest that you keep lamenting about this until he changes or perhaps pushes you out of his house, than keeping quiet and allowing him destroy the foundation of his marriage, children, and future. 
Never, for fear of the worst, compromise on your conviction. Never accept what is evil as status quo because it may bite back in a manner that you never thought was possible. 
Turn him to God, pray that God arrests him, then keep crying, nagging, preaching, praying, and speaking against his job trafficking until he quits the business or pushes you out of the house. 
You may not need to involve others in this, as that will give him away to the security experts, as you may not be prepared for such traumatic experience. 

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