Monday, November 20, 2017

Should I Keep Begging or Let Go of Him?

I am 27 years old, though a single mother of one child. I have this man I am dating for the past eight months now but I went to his place early last month for weekend and he left me at home and went to work.
So when I was ready to go, I locked the door and went home, but after five hours he called me and said all his apartment is messed up,
that I did not lock the window and rain fell.
He got angry and since then I have been begging him, he doesn't pick my calls again nor reply my messages. He blocked me on all Social Media.
Ending of last month, I sent him a message saying nobody is above mistake, that it was not intentional, that he will surely regret his actions. Then he called me back and started abusing me, that I don't have patience and he was still going to consider me.
Then I started begging him again but all plea fell on deaf ears and I love him. He said that I am a single mum and don't have a choice, and I still have the right to talk.
Should I keep begging him or should I let go of him because I am fed up, this is really affecting me since then.

Anybody who makes mockery of your personality because of your past is an individual you shouldn't have anything to do with in life. 
It is understandable that he was angry at your mistake, but insulting you, and telling you that you don't have any choice because you are a single mother is what you shouldn't tolerate. 
Your best decision would be to move on with your life, and work towards equipping yourself financially, mentally, and academically if possible. 
This is time to add more value and skill to yourself, and give yourself the kind of love that will attract others to you. 
Don't keep begging to be pitted or managed, you are a precious seed in God's hands, and God in his mercies will definitely favour you with your own husband. 
Be strong and positive, you deserve better than your boyfriend.

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