Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Should I Marry a Man who Dates Married Women?

Good day ma, you're really doing a good job. Please ma I really need your advice. There's a man in my life and he wants to marry me, even my pastor has comfirmed he's my hubby, but there is something he's doing I don't like.
He's having online relationship with married women just to get money from them. I told him I don't like it but he said he's just pretending, not serious.
Please ma what do you think I should do? Thank you. 

A man who manipulates or deceives married women for financial gain can never be God's will for you as a lady. 
To be honest, he's a devil's son and will ruin your life after wedding. 
How am I so sure? It's simply because Satan is the father of all lies and deceit, and if he feels comfortable manipulating other women for financial gains, he will definitely not spare you after wedding. 
Besides, a man who depends on married women for financial gain is not a responsible and focused man. 
So if you are serious about seeking God's will in your marriage, he's definitely not anything close to that. 
Now you know, the decision of whether to continue with him or not is solely yours. 

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