Monday, November 20, 2017

What Should I Do to this Pregnancy?

Good afternoon ma, I have been following you for a long time now and I know that God is using you to reach out to a lot of people.
I am a single mom of daughter who is 6 years now. And I am in a relationship with a guy for four years now, and last year he started talking marriage and we went to see his family members including the mom, and I was well accepted or so I thought.
Then February this year, he came to my house to meet my family to make his intention known to them. This month I found out that I am pregnant and I told him and he was happy and started making plans for us to relocate to the US.
He told my family that he wants to come and pay bride prize and do all the marriage rites. Only for his siblings and the mom that I love and respect so much say that they will not allow him to marry somebody that has a child. What do I do to this pregnancy?? I love him so much .

He said nothing should happen to his baby .. We have an appointment at the Embassy tomorrow. Please I need an advise on what I should do. I don't want to take a decision that I will regret later. God bless you ma. 

The pendulum rises and falls on your partner's decision. If he feels that his family's opinion is more important than his commitment to you, he will most likely not marry you, else I don't see anything that will stop him from getting married to you. 
As for your pregnancy, since your partner has identified with your pregnancy and have taken responsibility for your pregnancy, I will suggest that you keep your baby and go ahead with the embassy documentation. 
The worst case scenario is that you don't get married to him, but having your baby in US will most definitely open more doors for you and your beautiful daughter. 
So there is no need for you to lose hope or panic, leave this decision for your partner to take and ignore the perception of his family about your personality. It is not your business nor should you worry yourself about that. 

If your partner genuinely desires to marry you, be rest assured that he will convince his family to accept you, but if he doesn't wish to marry you, both of you can work on taking care of the baby you have with him. 

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