Monday, November 20, 2017

Will my Grade be a Deal Breaker in the Relationship?

Good morning ma, please I need your advice, I am a single mom with a precious daughter who is 3 years now. I got divorced last year after my marriage of a year crashed, currently am in a relationship with a guy, he is a medical doctor based in Lagos,  we met on Facebook and we have been talking for months now, he is coming this weekend to see me and spend some time with me so we can get to know each other well.
Ma, there is one fear am having, it has been giving me concern. I came out with a third class honours from Nnamdi Azikiwe university, and am currently working with one of the Ministries in Anambra State Government.
I am having this fear that once my boyfriend knows about my grade( 3rd class), his interest towards me will go down because as a medical doctor, I think he will need a lady who is very high in education with good grades, though he hasn't asked me about the grades but he suggested I should go in for my masters but with a third class I can't do masters else I go for PGD first and I've not summoned the courage to tell him I've got a third class....
Please advice me ma. 

Don't go into a relationship with bottled-up insecurities and fears, go in being yourself and being real. 
Stop making assumptions about what you can ask questions about, or putting yourself in the vulnerable position of feeling inferior as a lady. 
You had a third class and you are making progress with it. Any man who genuinely loves you will accept your third class certificate and celebrate you irrespective of your grade in school. 
Whether medical doctors love intelligent women or not shouldn't be your business, your duty is to let Mr Doctor boyfriend know you graduated happily from Unizik with a third class degree. 
If it's a deal breaker to him, he might as well cancel his planned trip to meet you. 
Let me also give you this unsolicited advice, while both of you get to know each other better, I would have suggested that you don't add sex to the menu, but it's not my business, so I would only advise you to be responsible for your decision/action. 
Be proud of yourself, whoever desires your company will definitely accept you with your qualifications and support your vision in life.

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