Monday, November 20, 2017

Will I Ever Meet a Man Who Won't Demand Sex in Relationship?

Good evening ma happy Christmas in advance.
My name is P. I am confused whether to obey the word of my pastor or not. I am 27 years old and I am also a fashion designer.
Early this year I was told by my pastor that there is a marriage that is very close to me. My pastor told me anybody that asked me out for my hand in marriage should not be allowed to see my nakedness. He told me that if the person succeeded in having sex with me he will not marry me.
For the past four months, men have been  coming my way. If I told them no sex in the relationship, they will stop calling me and at the same time end the relationship.
Please advice me, will I ever see a man that will agree on no sex before marriage? 

Will you ever see a man that will agree on no sex before marriage? YES! 
That you met some men who were interested in sex doesn't mean that you cannot meet men who are genuinely interested in marriage. 
You only need to be firm and focused in your business and your personal growth. Don't bring down your value because you are in a hurry to get married or because you are curious to see your pastor's prophesy come to pass. 
Embraced God's word in your life and allow God to perfect his purpose for your life. Your husband will locate you, and your joy will be full in no distant future

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