Saturday, November 25, 2017

What Should I Do?

I have been dating a guy for eight months and this morning I made up my mind to ask him his plans for us(to define our relationship), and he told me that he doesn't know what to say, that it's in God's hands.
That I might wake up one day and give him an invitation card to my wedding, and that he won't kill himself but will attend my wedding. I told him that I can't marry someone that I just met cos the person said so, that I will still try been friends with the person to know if I can do it..and so I can't wake up one day and invite him for my wedding cos it has only been him since I met him and that I don't double date.
I now asked him that if tomorrow he finds out that am dating someone else, if he will be okay with it and he told me that he won't clap for me nor be mad with me either; after all, we are not married.. So, please what do you suggest I do?
Note::He is 34 (he won't tell me his age and occupation, I found out myself) and am 25, will be graduating this year.

From his response, this is just a casual relationship, no vision, no commitment, no responsibility, no passion. 
He's just in as long as he's getting enough cookies. Will you wish to continue with him and hope things become a little more serious? That's your risk to make, but have it at the back of your mind that he's not emotionally invested to commit himself to you. 

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