Monday, November 27, 2017

Could it be that He's in a Serious Relationship and He's Playing with Me?

Good morning Aunty Amara, I was the single mom that posted about my fears and what my guy's reaction will be after knowing I had a third class honors (Read Here).
Well he was able to come this weekend, and by his grace I adhered to your advice on not having sex with him. We were happy together and spent some time together, but when I was sleeping last nite I overheard him talking with a lady on phone, from the answers he was giving the lady, am sure the lady was asking him why he hasn't been taking her calls or returning her calls, he was telling the girl that she lacks understanding and was trying to give her excuses.
Later this morning I confronted him calmly and asked who he was talking with last night, he told me it was his late brother's wife, and suddenly he got angry and said that I have trust issues, and few days before his coming down to the east he wasn't taking my calls except he calls.
I am confused if this guy actually has a serious relationship and he is trying to play me.

Congratulations, thank you for not giving him some cookies, no matter how happy he seems, I can assure you that he's not overly happy.. Lol 
Anyways, from his reaction and his hidden conversations, your fears may be true. 
Else, he wouldn't have made the call when he thought you were sleeping, nor will he accuse you of having trust issues. I mean, you just asked a simple question which needed a simple answer. 
Don't expect so much, don't invest so much emotion in him. It's too early to commit yourself to him, just observe and learn. 
Let's hope this brother's wife he's convincing to understand him is not his own wife or partner.

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