Tuesday, December 5, 2017

He Caught me in the Act with my Boss!

Good evening Aunty Amara, please help me cause am losing my mind.....
My boss have been sexually harrasing me, he has forcefully slept with me twice at the office.
Last week, my boyfriend who has never asked me of sex and loves me very well caught us in the act.
According to him, he said he was calling and I wasn't picking, he got scared and drove to my office. He knocked, nobody opened the door and then he pipped through the window and saw me with my boss.
Aunty Amara, after I saw his missed call on my phone, I quickly called him back, he sounded nice on phone telling me he came to my office and didn't see me. I begged him to come back which he did, when I went down to meet him he hugged me, gave me a kiss, then I entered the car with my mind beating, the next thing I heard from him was I want to make love to you. I was schoked and was now like why today? Then I guessed he saw me....
To cut the story short, he asked me what is happening between me and my boss, I told him everything crying. He didn't get angry at me, he just hugged me and said is okay.
Up untill now, I am still with my boyfriend and with no demand of sex after telling me he wants to make love to me that day.
I am scared Aunty Amara because I don't know what he has in mind, he has not changed. He still shows love despite what he saw...
What do you think I do? 

When your boss forcefully slept with you, twice, you didn't let your boyfriend know. You knew that you were being raped, but you accepted it as a norm or should I say you were protecting your job? 
You see, he caught you in the act, and he will naturally find it difficult to believe you. Not because you are not saying the truth but because this has happened two different times, but he never knew of it. If he didn't catch you in the act, perhaps this would have also slide and you won't be here asking for advice. 
I don't know what exactly is on his mind, but I can tell you that this is a huge blow to the foundation and commitment of your relationship. 
If you have any esteem left, please consider terminating this horrible job. You shouldn't sell your worth for salary, nor should you allow your boss to rape you every now and then. 
Whether he decides to stay or leave is immaterial, but what matters most is that you put your life on a good track, and refuse to be exploited and abused for a paycheck. 
As for your boyfriend, please allow him to make his decision, and don't play the guilty conscience attitude on him. He has the freedom to decide whether he can continue with you or not, because you really gave him many reasons to doubt your trust and honesty to him. 
In all, be open to anything, entrust everything to God, and allow time to define the future of your relationship. 
This is huge, but I pray and hope that your relationship will survive this experience. 

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