Sunday, December 3, 2017

I Want to Leave the Relationship but it's Difficult for Me!

Good pm, God bless you for the work you are doing. My story will be lengthy.
I am in a relationship and our relationship is ten months old this month. I am sponsoring this girl at catering school. I am the one that is paying the bills, even her transport fares everyday, her cloth, I change her hairstyle like every three weeks.
This is the girl I wanted to marry next year once she graduated, and I made my intention known to her family.
Ever since we started the relationship, everything about her, I'm the one that’s taking care off it. There was a time her mother took  ill for three times, I paid her hospital bills, I have also paid their house rent for two times. She came from poor family and separated one for that matter.

Now, the issue was that, last week Sunday, we were at my sitting room, she was busy chatting with her phone and I was like I needed to be talking with my baby but she was busy with her phone chatting, so I have to log on to her Facebook because she didn’t know that I had the password, lo and behold, my girl was chating with one guy and they booked appointment to see tomorrow after school. Concluding the chatting, the guy told her that he loves her and my girl replied, 'I love you too'.
I confronted her immediately but she denied, I asked her severally but she denied, I told her to give me her phone which she did and I looked for the guy but she has deleted the guy immediately. Then, I brought my laptop and showed her the guy, that was the time she agreed and started crying and begging me to forgive her that it was her friends who advised her to get another man in-case I leave her.
After everything, I forgave her because I really love her. I wrote to the guy and asked him to leave my girlfriend for me. Two days later, she changed the password, I recovered it back. She changed the password again and went ahead to chat up with the guy and deleted it because I wasn’t online then.
When I came online, the password was changed for the second time, I recovered it back and everything they discussed was deleted including the massage I sent to the guy.
I want to leave this girl but it was very hard for me. Please what do I do?

I know that one of the most difficult thing to do is leaving someone you love so much. It may seem so easy but looking back and looking at your vision and plan for the relationship, it is one of the unpleasant decision one needs to make in life. 
Even if you bought her life literally, she will still cheat on you. She has gotten to the point where her love for the other man has made her forget all your sacrifices for her. To her, nothing else matters as long as she is with him. 
Whether you contributed to her decision or not, she ought to be courteous enough to inform you of her decision, and respectful enough to part ways without crushing your heart. 
Humans grow, and her needs change with time. They are bound to make choices that are comfortable for them, and painfully she chose the other man. 
Would you rather torture yourself, humiliate yourself, and expose yourself to ridicule simply because you love her? Would you keep forcing yourself, time, wealth, and emotion on her when it's obvious that she's deceptive and dishonest? Would you want to destroy yourself because you love another individual? 
It is painful, hurting and devastating, but you need to keep going forward. You need to channel your emotions to loving yourself and improving on yourself. You need to embrace the painful reality that this lady doesn't share the same vision of the future with you and move on with your life. 
For every good deed you do for any individual, God will reward you in multiple folds. For every good intention, God will favor you with a great blessing.
Don't focus on your past, nor on what you did for her, but focus on God and in your future. Remember, this could be God's way of leading you to the partner He has prepared for you. 
Quit all manner of communication with her, if blocking her on Facebook and other social media will help you, please consider that option. Also stop monitoring her activities on the social media, thereby torturing yourself emotionally and psychologically. 
Delete every trace of her in your life, and avoid seeking for pity/sympathy from any human being that is either related to her or knows about the relationship. 
Finally, please don't revenge or try to hurt her for what she did. Be strong enough to let go, and leave everything to God. 
Cheer up, though painful, but I want you to know that, you will definitely find that lady who will make you look back and thank her for leaving.

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