Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Should I Believe His Words When His Attitude Proves Otherwise?

Good day ma, I am a young girl, I have this guy I've been dating for a year now. I am not always demanding just because of how he complains ' I don't have cash/ am broke, I wish I have money'. 
I've been managing myself cos of his continuous statement.
To my greatest surprise, I got a call from his best friend's fiancé telling me not to tell neither my boyfriend nor her fiancé that she overheard both friends (her fiancé and the one I love) my boyfriend, was like telling his friend that he never loved me, that am not the kind of girl he want, that I am full of myself, my pride is too high, that he only loves my wiseness and intelligence...
It was nothing but the truth cos I noticed his sudden change, but he's still prophessing his love towards me...
I am confused honestly, I don't know the next action to take. Please ma, I need an advise. 

His actions show that he doesn't love you. 
His friend's fiancé just helped you to confirm what your instincts always told you about his feeling. 
All you need is to add your instincts to the information you received from your friend, and then advise yourself. 
The worst thing that will happen to any individual is to invest your emotion into a relationship that has no future or clarify of purpose. 
His verbal confession is nothing but an empty words, especially when his attitude reflects something different. 
Don't invest your emotion where you are tolerated, when you can take a walk and celebrate yourself while waiting for that man who will celebrate everything about you. 
Guess God wanted to save you from your deceptive boyfriend, but how sure am I that you will listen and do the needful?


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