Sunday, January 14, 2018

How Much Should A Lady Contribute to Her Wedding Preparations?

Good evening ma. I trust you're good as always. Please ma, I want to know, to what extent should a lady help her man or contribute to their wedding preparations?
Are there things she shouldn't do during this period? What are those things necessary that she should do on her own without the man getting involved, so she will be supportive? Please enlighten me.
Thank you in anticipation

Everything that happens in your wedding preparations is a collective responsibility to the man and the lady. There is nothing that should be relegated to the man or to the woman alone. 
The first test of responsibility, maturity, cooperation, and wisdom, is displayed during wedding planning/preparation. And most often than not, couples fail in working together and supporting one another. 
Is the marriage for the man alone or is the wedding for the woman alone? If the wedding is for both of you, then both of you need to work together with what you have and make your wedding what you desire it to be. 
If you can help out with a penny, please go right ahead and do that, and where you can't help, give your husband a pat on his back and let him know how much you appreciate all his sacrifices. 
What you do in your wedding preparations is not tagged 'help' to your husband but it is called committing your fund to making sure that your wedding is successful. 

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