Saturday, January 20, 2018

Should I be Worried about his Attitude Lately?

Good morning ma,
I met this guy early last year at my place of work, he showed me so much love and affection and easily I fell for him cos he ticked a lot of my boxes, he planned on getting married by December.
He visited my home by November, but December didn’t work out again. He kept on postponing it.
I just found out that he is a very shy person, he even finds it difficult to say hello to me in the office. I don’t know whether it is just the shyness or there is something else, and this might be what is delaying the wedding.
He keeps on thinking of the number of people that will attend the wedding, and says he doesn’t want a reception.
I’m not planning a big wedding, but at least to call a few family and friends together to celebrate with me.
Recently, I started noticing some withdrawal attitude in him, reduced calls, our communication level has reduced, and his sister visited from another state but he didn’t take me to meet her.
Please help, I don’t know how to handle this issue. My mum is already saying that I should leave him, that how can a man of 37 not be enthusiastic about settling down especially when he says that his heart has accepted me and he still loves me.
He still introduced me to his aunty and has just rented a house for us for after Wedding, but he hasn’t said anything yet about when he will come for Introduction or when he wants to get married.
It's difficult to pin him down to talk to him cos he works and does business too.

I will suggest that you consider making out time to discuss your concerns with him. You may make it a dinner or lunch date, but remember your purpose for the date and discuss extensively with him. 
Since he's a shy man, please choose a venue where there are fewer people, so that he won't feel shy to talk to you. 
There are so many gray areas that need to be cleared, and it will be wrong to make assumptions to avoid wasting your time and emotion on him. 
If after all discussions and deliberation, there is no convincing vision for the relationship, then you may need to decide whether to gamble with him or move on with your life. 


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