Saturday, February 3, 2018

Should I Confess to my Wife?

Good morning ma, please I need an advice.
I am a married man. I had never slept with another woman except my wife until last week.
My company is rendering a project management services for a Nigerian bank, and there is lady that interfaces with me on the job.
She is so beautiful and always look well put together. She has a very big bust.
I started fantasizing and thinking of having an affair with her.
One thing led to another, and she stayed late in the office that day. Without having asked her out before: we started playing, I touched her breast, and she didn't resist. I progressed to sucking, and from there we had sex that night. Precisely two days ago.
Since then, I lost my peace of mind, I am feeling guilty. I started praying to God for forgiveness.
My wife is not aware, but I feel bad that I broke my marital vow.
I have prayed for forgiveness but I don't think God has forgiven me.
Should I confess this to my wife? Will it help me in any way?
I am scared of how she will take it too.

Feeling guilty is a good feedback which shows that what you did wasn't a good thing to your wife and your integrity. 
The first thing you need to do is evaluate what happened, and how you can prevent it from repeating itself. 
There was a temptation, and you gave it flesh by fantasizing about it, then made it catch fire when you chose to stay longer than you ought to. 
So when next you are tempted, channel your energy and emotion to your beautiful wife, and should the temptation push you towards fantasy, please run to your wife and grab enough of the fun that you desire. 
Like you know, temptations like this can expose you to sexually transmitted infections which by extension will be transferred to your beautiful innocent wife. Temptations like this may also expose you to having another child with another lady, which will bring chaos in your marriage. 
Since you have prayed and decided to make amends, I will rather suggest that you don't inform your wife about it. 
This will shake her world, trust and confidence in you, and will make her lose the respect and love she has for you. 
Though you may have genuine intention to help her see how vulnerable and exposed you are, and to seek for her forgiveness, but she may interpret it in such a manner that it may push you into extramarital affairs. 

All I feel is important to now, is that you strengthen yourself against such amorous affairs, so that you can give your best in your marriage, and at the same time honor your wife with your body. 


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