Friday, March 30, 2018

Five Nasty Things You Shouldn't Take to the Bedroom

 -Poor Hygiene
Nothing crushes intimacy more than a dirty and unhygienic spouse.
You can't be desiring that he licks you real good while your underarm, under your breast, and your vagina oozes out that offensive odour.
How do you expect her to get turned on when your underarm is like a thick forest? You want a good oral sex but won’t take down the thick forest around it. You won’t even wash clean before the act.

It is not cool for you to go to bed without taking a shower. Don’t tell me you didn’t sweat; your body releases natural oil and salt throughout the day. Stop using cologne to cover dirtiness.
Good body hygiene boosts sexual intimacy and draws you closer to your spouse.

-Phone Call

It's totally offensive and horrible for you to let your phone interrupt intimacy. What exactly is that conversation or discussion that cannot wait for you and your spouse to have an intimate moment?

The annoying part is where a man is passionately kissing his spouse, and the phone rings; he then pauses the romance to answer the phone. It’s very rude.

It's both disrespectful, annoying and totally wrong for a spouse to be distracted with phone conversations, whether it be chat or phone call.

Give your spouse some respect, especially when you are in the mood for intimacy, switch off your phone or perhaps put the phone on silent mode, and then press the button of your spouse. You will never regret the decision.

If intimacy happens while you are expecting a very important call that won’t wait, please let him or her know ahead of time that you would be receiving the call.

-Ego and Unforgiving Spirit

Because you had a simple husband-wife misunderstanding and you go to bed without speaking to your spouse.
The question is, what point do you think you should prove, if not to bond with your spouse? What makes it difficult for you to apologize knowing you hurt your spouse? Dear African man, you are the one at fault and at the same time, she has to say sorry? You cut her skin and you are the one telling her not to cry?
Ego is that enemy that separates you from your spouse even when both of you are under the same roof.
Don’t  take your ego to the bedroom.

This is daily destroying lives and marriages. You may think you are strong, but I want you to know that pornography has destroyed many strong women and men like you.
What see in those videos are not real. They are people on drugs. There is no atom of intimacy in what they do. Please refuse to treat your spouse as a mere object.

-Children and Relatives
Time for intimacy should be a time free of interruptions from children. Before taking off, make sure your children are taken care of and let them know that they are not allowed to come to your door. No mother-in-law should go near your door. If you have the money, make it a duty to spend weekend in a serene place, with your spouse alone, at least once in a month.

The only thing that should come into your bedroom is God, love, sex, warmth, and a beautiful romance with your partner.

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