Saturday, March 31, 2018

What Do I Do with an Impotent Man?

Good day ma, God bless you for the good you're doing in touching lives and humanity. I got to know about your page through a friend who encouraged me to write to you and your wonderful fans will do justice to my challenges through your wise counsel and advice.
Please ma, my story will be a bit length. I am an unhappy lady at my current age of 29. I have gone through a lot in life, that sometimes I ask if this is what God created me for. I am confused and sad right now. I need someone to please talk to me because I am seriously losing it.
I was born into a family of nine siblings and I am the second child. My mother gave birth to all of us to six different fathers and the worst of it is that I don't even know who my own dad is or was because none of the men in her life took responsibility for me and my two direct siblings.
I have struggled through life to acquire the little education that I got as well as my carter for my siblings. This struggle exposed me to several sexual abuses from different men at different time of my life from secondary school to adulthood because there was no proper parental guidance and care for me and my siblings.
My mother was a very bad influence to us, hence I have vowed never to end my life like my mom. So in a bid to fine a better life to sustain me and my siblings. I left village in far away Cross River state and found  myself in Abuja where I put up with my uncle for sometime.
The man took care of me, got me a job to manage, later got me apartment to be on my own. It was while I was living alone that I got a friend who was squatting with me then. It happened that this my friend had a boyfriend who normally visited us.
To my surprise, this man started passing series advances at me but of course I rejected and told my friend about it. So when the guy saw that I wouldn't give in, he went and arranged with his friend to get me, but again I bluntly refused.
To cut the long story short, his friend in a desperate need to get me, went in diabolically, hypnotised me through a gift that he brought for me. It was a shirt which I rejected, but before I knew it, he threw the shirt at me and as soon as the shirt touched me, that was all I remember until seven years later when I comeback to myself and discovered that I was living with him and we already have 3 kids.
I have never loved this man, he is never my kind of man, and I will never love him after all he has done to me. I live with and got kids for him without him knowing my family if I have. To make matter worse again, he cheated on me with a girl whom he confessed to be possessed.
Ever since then, he has become impotent. I have given my life to Christ, I have forgiven him but I don't want to stay any longer. I took the matter to church and several places, but very one keeps advicing me to reconcile with this man simply because we have kids together.
My major problem now is that I vowed never to have kids for more than one man in my life because I don't want to end up like my mom. What do I do this man that is impotent and I have sexual needs to be satisfied? Please kindly give me your candid advice on what to do.
Thanks for your patience in reading.

If the world was perfect enough, we wouldn't have to deal with so many life issues that daily confronts us. 
It's okay for us to be human, to learn, to grow, and to retrace our path when we find ourselves in the wrong direction of our vision. 
If you have a convincing evidence and fact that the man you have lived with for seven years and had three children with used diabolic means to coerce you into cohabitating with him, you have the legal rights to prosecute him and at the same time dissociate yourself and your children from him. 
What you experienced is both strange and wicked if your partner went through that means to have you in his life. 
This has absolutely nothing to do with your vow or sexual need, your safety and sanity is what is more important. 
So if you are cohabitating with a man who hypnotized you, your safety is what I consider more important, and I do not see any reason why you should dialog with him.
Since you have forgiven him and wish to move on with your life, please let him know your decision and then discuss on how both of you will take care of your children. 
At this point in your life, your happiness and safety is what matters most.

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