Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Is it Difficult for a Lair to Cheat?

Hi Mum, I am a mom of 2.5 year old boy and married. I need your advise.
My husband likes telling lies, nothing of his promises gets fulfilled. I am worried that if he is telling lies is it difficult for him to cheat?
Our bedroom matters has changed drastically. Whenever he returns from work, even if he closes early he will make sure he returns in the house as late as 11pm.
When I ask him where he comes from, he just says traffic jam and other excuses..Remember we work in the same company, different department, but I know when and what he does in the field, that's why I am saying he lies a lot.
The moment luck befalls, he be indoors, he will make sure he gets out and comes back at wee hours; saying it was a business meeting which doesn't bear any fruits at long run.
As much as he drinks secretly, I am well convinced that may be he is seeing someone else. I have asked myself why be active at night where people returns to their previous homes, himself he fights to get out.again.
Aunt,he likes also taking my money wherever he gets it, at times he confess but at times I find nothing on where I knew I kept my money and he denies even seeing it.
I am tired mum, kindly advise.

Being tired is a good indication that you have the responsibility to decide what you feel is best for you at this point in your marriage.
A lair will most likely be guilty of cheating and any other accusation because he has lost the confidence, trust, and respect of his spouse.
And from all you have observed, it is obvious that there is an aspect of his personality which you have little or no idea of.
Now is the best time to face the reality of your husband's attitude: talk about it; report this to his family or someone who he respects to intervene, and if all your efforts doesn't yield any positive feedback, then you may need to decide whether to endure his shortcomings or walk away.
In the end, remember that you cannot fix a spouse that have decided to do whatever pleases him, but you can choose to either endure or walk away when there is no appreciable improvement from him.

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