Monday, March 19, 2018

Hubby Ejaculates Too Quickly; Help!

Good day Amara, please I need you to save my relationship with my husband. I got married almost five years ago at the age of twenty six.
My husband is God's special gift to me. But I have never had good sex with him. He ejaculates too quickly.
Since I got married to him, he has never lasted for up to
thirty seconds. We didn't have sex during our one year of courtship, and so I noticed it from our wedding night, he claimed he was stressed out, but till now for almost five years, I haven't enjoyed him at all on bed. I am losing it. I want to have a feel of my husband, I want him to last longer.
Please help us, we have talked about it only recently, though I have been complaaining lately, and even more recently, I don't allow him touch me because I don't see the reason why I will pull off my clothes only for me to wear it back almost immediately. 
My refusal now is killing him, and he has asked me to help him. I love him so much, I just want to be able to enjoy love making. Please Amara, help a sister. We are planning on going on a vacation soon and I want it to be memorable. Please help me find a solution. And I pray God blesses you richly for me as you profer solution.

Sexual issues are not strange, but how we handle them is what determines to a greater extent how such issues will impact the marriage or sexual experience. 
Just as the body may develop headache as a result of stress, a man may experience quick ejaculation as a result of stress, anxiety, excitement, and/or any other health-related or pre-existing conditions. 
To help him solve this problem adequately, I will definitely suggest or recommend that he writes to me, so that I can have some private discussion with him, and then find out how best to support him. 
Secondly, I will suggest that you work on his diet, and finally adjust sex positions to enable him last pretty longer. 
Cut down on his sugar/carbohydrates intake, also cut down on high cholesterol/fat consumption, and spice things up with fresh fruits, vegetables, roughage, exercises, and natural supplements. 
Get fresh white onions, garlic, ginger, moringa seed(small quantity though), water melon, carrots, and pineapples, then prepare fresh juice for him with these. 
I am so sure he will enjoy the juice, but aside the juice, you will most definitely enjoy him having multiple rounds of sex with him. 
Again, you can prepare fresh Bitterleaves soup or fresh washed bitterleaves and give him to eat. It's healthy for his body, and also good for his penis and performance. 
Finally, remember adjust sex positions, try being on top of him, then thrust him as you desire. You can explore every other sex positions that allows you to be on top/in charge of thrusting, and gives you control during sexual intercourse. 
I am definitely hopeful that your bedroom story will change for good. 
For more information on how he can improve in bed, please encourage him to write to me, and I will do my bit to assist him. 


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