Monday, March 19, 2018

Should I Ask Him to Propose or Give Him some Time?

Good morning aunty Ami,
please advice me on this, I have a fiancé who loves me and I love him also.
There is something my instinct keeps telling me.. Ma, is it possible for me to tell him to come and do the needful as a man,
should I allow him to do it by himself?
Suitors are all over me, I don't want to disapoint him. I believe in love not money,
please tell me on how to go about it...

Your message was not elaborate, not explicit, and as such, I do not know exactly how to put my thoughts in the right perspective. 
One thing I must remind you is that you have every right, privilege, and capacity to make any decision you feel is in your best interest. 
If your relationship has been a protracted one and objectively you aren't seeing any sense of purpose, commitment or vision from him, please call his attention to it, and ask him what his plans are. 
Also if you have examined everything and you feel that there is no future with him, do inform him and move on with your life. 
It is one thing to love an individual, and an entirely a different thing to weigh the future of your relationship with the reality of today. 
And you need to know when to either be patient or be proactive, because in the end you are the one who will decide you own fate by your own choices. 
Believing in love doesn't mean that you should belittle the importance of finances in your marriage, to avoid being at the mercy of friends, families, relatives, and strangers for financial assistance, especially when you never prepared yourself financially for marriage.


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