Monday, April 2, 2018

How Do I Liberate myself from Emotional Trauma in my Marriage?

Greetings ma, please I need your soul consoling advice.
I am a 25 years old lady married to a military man, I have been battling this case of infidelity since I married him for two years now.
I have applied all the tactics I know both involving his elder brother but
he has turned out now to be a demi god due to the support he got from the brother. His very words when peacefully confronted last week Saturday was that, 'I will soon kill myself'.
I ran mad, I can't believe he could say so to me, I am a stay at home mother with twins of a year and two months, I am not a gold digger ma; I don't know how to overlook this attitude; I don't know if I am fighting a lost battle.
I have been hurting and he has been going around looking very happy, he doesn't talk to me, prefers his mother's food to mine.
Please how can I come out of this emotional trauma, is being faithful and honest so expensive?
Please talk to me ma.

When the conscience is dead, every effort towards resolving any problem is futile. 
Infidelity as you already know exposes the other spouse to many vulnerabilities which includes: sexually transmitted infections/diseases, pregnancy from another woman, depression and other psychological torture caused by depression. 
The question that has been on my mind from the response of your husband is; do you want to kill yourself? 
It is a question you need to carefully meditate on looking at the things you have experienced in your marriage, and the attitude of your husband to you and your children. 
The import of that question is that you have the right to choose what happens to you, and how to best respond to it. You have the freedom to choose between your sanity and depression, and your peace of mind and your marriage.
With careful evaluation, you will most definitely know the best option for you at this point in your life. You may not be able to force an adult to change, but you have a choice to what happens to you and your children. 
Overlooking a toxic attitude doesn't take away the problem, nor does it minimize the impact of such action, instead it only crushes your personality and makes you emotionally unstable as long such as such attitude has an influence on your body and mind.
Do you want to kill yourself or expose yourself to anyone who is toxic to your life and peace of mind? An honest answer to this question is all you need to decide what you feel is best for you and your children.


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