Monday, June 11, 2018

Should I Leave the Marriage if He Insists?

Good day ma!.. I need your advice ASAP..
My hubby (bride price paid only) who I am four months pregnant for works abroad and told me before I accepted him paying my bride price, that when he marries me, we will never be apart.. Anywhere he is...I will be, be it London or Nigeria.. That he doesn't want distance marriage..
Now that he has paid my bride price and I am pregnant, he has changed it to me living in Nigeria while he will be coming back to visit me.. That he can't afford to process my papers...
I so much hate and discourage distance marriage.. Now I am in a fix.. What do I do? The distance between us during this pregnancy is affecting me let alone it being for a long time.. He is making me rethink my decision on accepting him.. I feel lonely as if I am marrying myself.. What do I do?
I am thinking of leaving the marriage if he keeps insisting. 

Marriage is a mutual choice laced with agreement on how best to coexist as one unit called family in the society. 
If the foundation of mutual respect, understanding, trust and agreement is destroyed, then the aggrieved party have the legitimate right to seek redress, and where there is no tenable solution, the aggrieved party may decide to either continue or quit. 
No human being have the sole right to dictate what happens in your life in the name of marriage. 
If you cannot cope with being a married-single-lady, let your decision be known to him, his family and your own family. 
Do not pretend to be comfortable with the arrangement when you know that you do not have the capacity to live in such a manner. 
This will help avoid having children who doesn't bear his DNA, it will also help you to avoid the temptation of having sex with another man and will also save you the stress and worries that come with thinking whether he's faithful or have another woman in his life. 
Even at this point, you have the legitimate right and cogent reason to walk away if you feel that you are being manipulated to accept terms you are not comfortable with. 
The choice is yours, and you do not need to approval of anyone to do what you know will save you from unnecessary stress and worry.

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