Monday, June 25, 2018

What Should I Not to Lose Him?

GOOD DAY AUNTY AMARA! I bless God for using you to solve problem in so many home.
My name is D, I am in relationship which by his grace we are planning to get married by January. I love this man so much but there is a problem,
he was once married with two kids.

This afternoon I received a call from him asking me if it can be possible for me not to have a child for him, which I said no, at least I can cope with two kids. He got mad at me, said if I cannot cope with one that I should forget about him.
Please aunty Amara, I need your advice, I don't want to lose him and I don't want have only one child.

Your boyfriend/man-friend/fiancĂ© has no respect, courtesy, or any form of appreciation for your personality or your presence in his life. 
If he did; he won't discuss a sensitive issue as children on the phone. Also, he won't dismiss the so called serious relationship simply because you wanted to have two children and he already has two children of his own. 
Your relationship with this man seems like a slave-master kind of relationship. You are the one in love while he is the one giving commands. If you are in a relationship with a man who doesn't give you room to negotiate what you want and disagree with his command, then you are a potential slave to him. 
As you should know, you are responsible for your choices and decisions. Nobody will make this decision for you, but this is what I must drum into your ears; no matter how much you love an individual, never lose sight of your interest in life. 
If he cannot accommodate your interest, then do not subject yourself to emotional torture and manipulation. 
Maybe you should also investigate about his previous marriage to know what happened to avoid being flogged by the same cane he used on his ex wife.
Before I forget, you are too beautiful to lose your self esteem at the mention of marriage. If he can easily dismiss your serious relationship, maybe you should ask yourself why you must keep chasing him for marriage. 
Good luck.

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