Wednesday, July 25, 2018

How Do I Tell my Girlfriend that I Got Another Lady Pregnant?

I'm a guy of 30, I have this girl that I have dated for about a year and eight months now.... And from the very time we had intercourse,..we haven't used protection for once, that's because both us went for all the necessary test and it was all successful.
From then we trusted each other....but what baffled me was that since then, she haven't missed her period for once..... It got to a time I became worried over the situation,...
Then I had to react over the the issue, at least to know if she do take drugs after sex without my consent,...but she swore to have not done a thing like that before,..
Then I further asked her if she has engaged in any abortion before, but she insisted to have not done anything like abortion before....
It got to a time, I became worried, because I don't know who has has the fault,, then I decided to go for another girl, just to see if I'm impotent or not,....
I took the girl to the hospital, we ran all the necessary test..... Then we started dating, though I didn't made it known to my main girl.... After a month plus, the new girl told me that she's pregnant,.
Now I don't know what to do, because I don't know how to tell my main girl that I impregnated another girl.....she might do something stupid to herself..... And the new girl vowed not to involve herself in abortion..... I'm confused now.... I need urgent advice from you guys.... Please no insult

When a man is chasing many girls, something is definitely wrong with him and never with the girls. 
The real question is, what exactly do you want in a lady or from a woman? 
Are you looking for a lady who will give you children or a lady who will love you through happy and sad moments of your life? 
From your mail, it was obvious that you wanted to get a lady pregnant, probably to prove your potency, and since your girlfriend couldn't make the pregnancy to happen as soon as you wanted it, you went for another lady. 
Congratulations, it has been proven that you are not impotent, and your first fruit is on the way. 
The question is, what do you want? Since your second girl got pregnant for you, why not consider making things official with her and maybe get married to her? 
No matter how nice you wish to present this to your first girlfriend, she will definitely feel hurt, but the real question is, what exactly do you want? Figure that out and save these ladies from your own confusion. 
Once you have figured out what you want, then be honest enough to tell your first girlfriend the truth, and humble enough to define your relationship with the second girlfriend. 
You are the architect of your own outcomes, brace up, stand erect like the penis and chart the path in between the two fleshy lips of these women whose crime was thrusting you with their heart and body.
And remember, you now need to prove your potency as a father and responsible man to your child, abortion shouldn't be the option when protection wasn't necessary for the thrust. 
Good luck.

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