Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Hubby Treats me like a Stranger!

Good day ma, you are really doing a wonderful job, may God continue to bless you.
My hubby is making my life miserable by maltreating me. My marriage is going to two years now and I have a nine-months-old-baby.
There is this lady in my church that recently joined us, she was sent away by her husband with two kids, that is the lady my husband is dating now. Sometimes he will go to work without dropping money. At times he will not drop money for a week.
I am teaching and the proprietress is owing my salary. I have reported him to his mother but she said that I am lying.
I am sad right now, hubby is just behaving as if I am a stranger to him, please advice me. 

If you are not paid for the time, knowledge, stress and commitment you put into your job, then you have the liberty to quit your job and look for another job offer where you will be paid. 
Sometimes the gamble of waiting and hoping that you will be paid doesn't always work out as anticipated. 
What if after working for months, your proprietor fails to pay your salary, what would become your fate? 
As a woman and a mother, you owe your child the best support you can afford irrespective of your husband's attitude. 
You need to think of ways to make ends meet if your husband fails to live up to his responsibilities. 
Your child will never understand your reason for his/her being hungry, unhealthy, and malnourished. Please do not put your hope  in your husband, but seek help from your family to help you take care of your need and the need of your child. 
As for the attitude of your husband, if you are genuinely convinced and you have evidences that he is cheating on you with another lady, you can decide whether to separate, endure, or pray for him. 
You are in the best position to decide the kind of treatment to condone from your husband and the kind of treatment to resist with your life. 
When you try communication, negotiation, counseling, and family intervention, and they don't produce the right result, then you may decide to either terminate the marriage or endure the challenges you are battling in your marriage.

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