Wednesday, August 29, 2018

I'm Stigmatized Because of my Blood Genotype.

Please I need your advise.....
I am 29 years old, I have relationship issue. I'm being stigmatized because of my health status. I am a sickle cell warrior, anytime I disclose my health status to guys in my past relationships, they changed their attitude towards me which leads to break up. 
Some will tell me blankly that they can't marry SS thinking my lifespan was going to be short or they will end up spending all their finances on this illness. Some ridicule me, look down on me and make me feel like I don't have a life to live.... 
I don't know what to do again, infact I am tired of going into any relationship that my heart is already getting used to heart break up...
I don't know if I should even forget about marriage and try as much as possible to live my life happily or I should stop being sincere and stop telling them about my health status if any guy comes up? 
I am so depressed about this relationship thing, advise me ma. 

You shall live to the glory of God, fulfill your dreams on earth and enjoy every privilege of human existence. 
To start with, you don't have a sickness nor is your life remotely controlled by any human being. 
You are not the one that designed your blood genotype, so do not under any circumstance look down on yourself or permit anyone to make ridicule of your personality. 
Follow your passion, pursue your dreams, and enjoy every single moment of your life. You deserve to be happy and to be fulfilled in life, please by all means invest in what makes you feel happy, better and fulfilled in life. 
You don't need to hide your blood genotype from any man who indicates interest in you, in fact, after greetings, the next conversation should be the genotype compatibility so that you don't expose your children to sickle cell anemia. 
Make friends, live, and communicate with people who are humans and appreciate others without making them feel like they are a living dead. Love will happen when you least expect it, but don't make it your priority that it drains your emotion and makes you vulnerable to any man. 
Enjoy every bit of your life, and give no room for any form of negativity in your life. 

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