Saturday, December 19, 2015

I Want To Run Mad!

Good morning madam,I am new to this your group because I did not know that the group existed all these while. My junior sister called me and told me that they post my matter in this place so I decided to read it.
My name is J, I am V's wife the man that wanted to marry another girl on 26th of December (Read Here). I read everything that she wrote and I confirmed all to be true with no single lie in it.
I want to tell you everything so that you will help me because I am in a very hot soup now.
I am 37 years while my husband is 33 years and I have five girls. I gave birth to twins two times. I meet my husband when I went to do ashebi in my friend's wedding in Enugu some years ago so after the wedding, I saw V and I liked him and followed him to his friend's house so in the night I seduced him and he had sex with me.
When I found out that I was pregnant, I told him and he told me that he didn't plan to marry me because he doesn't like me at all but he said he will acept the baby so he told his people and the mother said they will marry me if the child was a boy. When the pregnancy was five months plus I lied to them that the scan said it was a boy so they did my traditional wedding and white wedding.
I later delivered twin girls through CS and his parents hated me so I told them that scan made a mistake. After two years I gave birth to another twin girls before I gave birth to my last child. My husband doesn't touch me unless I beg him. My husband took care of us and provided for us and he went back to Port Harcourt were he works but visited to see his girls.
To cut the story short in 2013 when he visited us I went to search his briefcase and I found out that my man had two phone with two different numbers. He used one to call us and he stored my name as generator man and he used the second phone to call P and he stored her with my jewel and I saw so many love messages too.
I couldn't ask because he warned me not to go near his phone or else he will divorce me. So in 2013 ending he told me to go and marry any man I like because he has tried to love me but it was not working,he also told me that if he finds true love that he will remarry so I pleaded with him but no way.
Last year somebody told me that he came to their grandmother's burial with a girl that he wanted to marry(they warned me not to come to the burial so I did not go). For more than one year I have been searching to know if I can get any proof but he always used code to lock that second phone until two weeks ago when he forgot to lock it,that was how I collected P's number and called her(she has told you the rest of the story in her post).
They have released my husband and his family and my husband called the three families and told us a shocking story. He said he met Precious during her IT and she told him to go for one year course in their company and she also encouraged him to join others to write promotional exam that year which he did and passed and he was promoted,he said she has only spent one night in his house because she helped to teach him the past questions that she collected from people in Agip and she helped him to study and prepare for the exam and he has never had sex with her before.
He told them that he met me one day and slept with me that same day but he has known precious for three years and has not seen her breast talk more of her pant then he called me ashewo,empty brain,goat and all sort of names.
He told them that the only thing I know how to do is to wash my vagina and beg for sex anytime I see him(that am useles and hopeless). He said that he will never marry me again,he said P taught him how to dress,introduced him to new hair cut,bought him cream,soap,perfume and changed his life and I want to use my witchcraft to spoil his happiness.
He said she was the person who encouraged him to build the big house in the village and she also told him to buy landed properties including our new house in Enugu and others in Ph including the ones he is living in.
He said that the girl was filled with brain while I am brainless .. He said she was the reason behind his quick success and am enjoying the sweat of my fellow woman,he said he was not marrying her because of a male child but because of her good nature,intelligent and her effort and prayer in making him successful.
He said he will die if he doesn't marry her(because she said she will never marry him even if he divorces me). I watched my husband cry like a new born baby and rolling on the floor and begging P and her family.
My husband is a good man because he takes care of his girls and he has not disturbed me for a male child aside his family. Now they told my family to return my bride price next week so that he can divorce me properly and take my girls or if I insist on taking the girls that I will cater for them alone.
I regret my action, I did not know that she did so much for my husband,I should have listened to her advice. I have used my hand to destroy my life,please help me what can I do so that I will not lose my home because of my girls and how can I beg P for forgiveness.
Please I need you to advice me because I want to run mad o.

You don't need to run mad. Please brave yourself and prepare for whatever decision your husband wishes to take at this point in his journey. 
You seduced him, slept with him, lied to him, manipulated him and even when P confided in you and pleaded that you keep your mouth closed, you contracted your pastor, ganged up with your friends and decided to wash her down not only in the public but on her social media page. 
That was insensitive and desperate of you and my greatest joy was that she told the truth and you attested to it. 
Now that things have gotten this messed up, I will suggest that you consult anyone that you know that he can listen to and plead that he talk to him and plead with him to reconsider.
While P has built him up in the manner that you have never worried about ever since you got married to him, the truth is that you are his legitimate wife and he owe you that respect and faithfulness so he didn't do the right thing by engaging with another lady while he was married to you. 
That aside, I cannot tell your husband what to do unless he is willing to talk about it with me but irrespective of what may have happened in the past, I still believe that your marriage is not beyond redemption and if he's willing and patient, things can still get better than this. 
But I hope that you will humble yourself and kneel down before your husband and plead for mercy while you also seek the face of God for mercy for all you have done to hook this man and manipulate him. 
I hope that you will organise your home and learn how to play your role as his wife and companion without always fighting him and pushing him away. 
While men love sex, they don't appreciate sex much more than they appreciate the woman who believes in his personality and is willing to help him prosper in life and destiny. 
The sincere truth is that your husband is the only person who can tell the future of your marriage and whatever decision he feels is best for him, nobody else can push him to do otherwise because it would be like caging him and you will never be happy with him. 
Surrender all to God and believe him for the best in your marriage. 


  1. Woah. No comment. God.!

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  3. Oh my goodness...
    Who is this P?
    So this type of girl actually exists?
    I don't know what to type anymore..
    For this woman to type in and confirm all P said to be true simply means P must be God sent...
    No wonder that man was crying..
    Now i understand when they say...."He who finds a good wife has found a good thing"..
    P rejected this man on realising he has a wife and kids despite all the sacrifices and years she has spent with him...P was also instrumental to his success in life but didn't see that as a reason to stick with a married man...
    P was not fazed by the success she was instrumental to, his house and other properties...
    She knows the implications of putting asunder and she stood her ground...
    For those doubting that two people can stay together for months without can all see that a girl stayed for THREE YEARS without opening her legs or revealing her nakedness...
    She didn't go ahead to seek for ways to tie him down out of desperation...
    Oh Lord...
    Could this be real?
    Somebody pls take my phone off my hands...
    I can't stop typing...
    Where does this girl come from?
    I'm crying already here..

    Dear poster...
    I wouldn't criticize you...
    We all make mistakes...
    I believe you now know that there's more to marriage and love than just opening your legs...
    It's a pity...
    His heart doesn't beat for never did..
    Crying or pleading wouldn't solve this problem..
    You'll end up living with a man out of pity..
    You'll never be a happy woman...
    You are not welcome into that mans life and family...
    If they have requested for their bride price...
    Kindly implore your family to do the needful and set you free..
    Consider your hapiness....Consider the welfare of those kids...Take whatever decision that means the best for them...
    I pray you change your ways..
    Your lesson came the hard way...chai.
    You must learn from this...
    Commit everything to God

  4. V's wife deceived V,V deceived P. Relationship based on deception will always lack trust which is very important. If not for the girls, the best advice is "let everyone practice O.Y.O- on your own". As for P, i am sure that your prince is on his way. #myopinion.

  5. V's wife deceived V,V deceived P. Relationship based on deception will always lack trust which is very important. If not for the girls, the best advice is "let everyone practice O.Y.O- on your own". As for P, i am sure that your prince is on his way. #myopinion.

  6. my goodness...
    i really do understand your feelings coz all started with fake identity. u failed we women, u zeroed our integrity and brought nothing but shame..if it were in nollywood peeps will come up critics but this is reality.
    u failed woefully as a life partner not just a wife. 1 word for u...fix your life and embrace Christ coz u are lost. i don't blame the young man. the last decision is his to finalize and i pray P reconsiders V's plight and come to him.
    i love u P for being real, ur type is 91% difficult to get. God bless your and give u more wisdom 2 finalise what u started.


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