Friday, August 5, 2016

My Husband Has been Raping my Kid Sister for Two Years.

Aunty Amara, this is urgent because I want to be sure of what to do. My husband has been raping my kid sister who is 15 years since she has been in my house, (almost two years).
I found out yesterday after a lot of questioning and whipping when she refused to answer that she's still a virgin. She told me it
happened a week after she came to stay with me, and it has been happening since then three times a week.
He forces her to watch pornography so the can do the "style". He got her pregnant and aborted it, she nearly died. I travelled then, and when I came back, I thought she had menstrual pain. Am so angry, betrayed and full of sorrow. I know my marriage is over.
What do I do next???

I know that this is a heavy blow to your family and your marriage and I can only pray for the grace and wisdom to manage this mess, and decide what's best for you. 
Please take your sister to the hospital so that a gynaecologist will examine her womb and her tubes and ascertain their current condition. Let's hope that none of her reproductive organs were damaged as a result of the forced abortion. 
After which you will need to take her back home and please inform your family of this major dent in the life of this young girl. You can't protect your husband because the future of your sister is affected by his wickedness. 
Let your family know what happened, after which you may temporarily need to return back home so that you can reevaluate the marriage and also discuss with your husband on the future of the marriage.
I know that he may have a high tendency to tell lies but still confront him with this revelation from your sister and hear him out, before taking your next step. 
I don't know if your marriage is over but I certainly know that you need some break from this mess you are dealing with to help you meditate on the whole thing and decide what is most favourable for you to do at this point in your life and journey. 
In all, please do not allow anyone to push you into taking any decision that you are not comfortable with, but take your time and give him some space so that you can heal from your pains and emotional torture. 
I pray that God will strengthen your heart and soothe your soul in this critical moment of your life. I am sincerely sorry for what you're going through in your marriage and I am personally praying for you.

***On a second thought, while I was reading through your previous messages this former mail from you jumped up at me. Read : I'm heart broken, what do I do?  
While I cannot make any correlation to the message, please make sure that your sister is telling you the whole truth about her sexual activities, to avoid accusing your husband of what he never did. 
Then again, that depends in the facts and details that your sister was able to provide to you, like where the abortion was done, who paid for the abortion and how your husband got involved. 

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