Saturday, September 24, 2016

Am Considering Using Voodoo to Pin A Man Down.

Hi aunty Amara, I have been reading about your post, and I also see how you help people, may God bless you abundantly Amen. Please Aunty I want you to help me out by posting my problem before I go nuts, I need people's advice.
Ma when it comes to relationship matters, I don't have a fair share at all. Am 24 years old, at my age I have dated more than
seven men, and after sex they dump me and never call me again.
Recently I met a banker who claimed he loves me, but after having sex with me he no longer call or text me, he refused to pick my calls. When I went to his house, I met a lady, I was so heartbroken that I left in anger, up till now I haven't seen his call.
Ma am considering voodoo as my next option to pin a man down because am tired of heartbreak. This problem also made me to keep my virginity for long, and the same guy who took it when I was 22 years old still left me. Thank you

I know that really feel bitter and exasperated with the way some men take advantage of your emotions to exploit and abandon you after having sex with you, but it doesn't mean that you should go through diabolical means to keep a man. 
If you use voodoo to keep a man, what would you use to keep your marriage when the voodoo fails? What if you use voodoo to keep the wrong man, will you be fulfilled in such a marriage knowing that you are the architect of your own woes. 
Sex to men is like exercising the penis, they don't attach so much importance to it because their desire is to get the sperm out of their system. This is why men have a higher tendency to be selfish during sexual intercourse, and sleep around.
This is why you must guard your vagina from any penis that comes in the name of love and only allow one that has paid your bride prize. 
If you wish to use sex as the foundation for your relationship, you will be exposing yourself to the risk of heartbreak, infections, unwanted pregnancy, abortion and betrayals. So maybe you should wear your panties and decide to develop yourself and date for the right reasons. 
I'm yet to hear of anyone who was discussing anything meaningful during sex, it all shows that sexual intercourse is actually not the core value to build your relationship on. 
If you don't know what a man has in mind, if he hasn't made any commitment to marriage and demonstrated his commitment by getting married to you, giving sex as a way of appreciation is a risk that may crush everything you invested in the relationship.
For the fact that men approach you for relationship is an excellent indication that you're very beautiful and attractive. Now what you need to add to this beauty is wisdom, understanding, maturity, patience and some self discipline. Yes everyone crave for sex but it doesn't mean that you should offer your body to any man because he mentioned marriage in his discussion with you. 
Think of getting closer to God and allow him to give you the wisdom that you need to understand men and communicate their language. Calm down a little and use this opportunity to develop yourself emotionally, spiritually, psychologically and financially. 
Don't be in a hurry to pin a man but raise your standard so that you don't attract irresponsible men with penis, but that you can attract men with vision and purpose for their life and destiny. Where a man works doesn't make him a mature and responsible man, the content of his character and convictions is what determines his attitude to others. 
Forgive those who have betrayed your love and trust and move on with your life. God is still able to bring a man who will stick with you with or without sex, don't work too hard to pin a man to avoid pinning a handsome monster that will destroy your life.
You deserve a better man, not a voodoo man.

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