Saturday, February 4, 2017

How Do I Locate A Good Lady?

HI AMARA AM HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU ARE DOING, am 35 years of age, and have been in a relationship which crashed because the parents of my then love said am poor.
Am a graduate, currently doing my masters program, but with no meaningful job. I just hustle to train myself, am a gospel artiste, and public speaker, tried it on second and third lady at the end they deserted me after I contributed to their education all.
Now I don't have feelings for ladies again,instead I see all of them as same, I really want to settle down and family too are on my neck, I know that there could be one good lady out there but how do I locate her, advise me and lets fellow fans advise me too, 0806351****

Huuuuush, don't rush this young man, you're becoming too serious with life that you've forgotten than earth is a learning platform for everyone with God as our anchor. 
The first thing you need to do is organise yourself.
What's your greatest strength, your passion, your vision, and the kind of future you wish to build for yourself. Stop training ladies for now, discover yourself first. I feel that's the most important step towards meeting your wife. 
People may say anything about you but your choices, decisions, and actions will only prove if they're right or wrong. You have to learn to stop listening to what people think of you and look into God's word to find out who you are. Then match your faith with a revolutionary decision, and decisive action. 
Stop begging for pity and sympathy, you're too good for that, you supported a lady in school and she turned against you, hey brother, move on with your life, and stop lamenting about what you did, not necessary at all. 
When your life is organized, go all out and make friends, look good, be happy, and play with life. Don't take anything too serious that people will think that you're older than your age. Make friends, learn to smile, and be free, stop wearing too much suit, you're not a pastor, even if you're one, look trendy and imagine that you can fly if you're free from all these pressures and fear of getting married. 
Love will locate you, just make your life interesting and fun, and ladies will be begging to be with you, nobody is attracted to boring and timid men who feel defeated. 
Forget about getting married, focus on getting yourself, and meeting with great friends, marriage will naturally follow suit. 

Emmm, ladies, if you wish to connect with him, maybe you can send a private message to me, for his contact details. 

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