Saturday, April 15, 2017

Hope I'm not Making any Mistake!

Good morning ma, may God continue to bless you for the good works you have been doing. Please help me out on this issue, I was dating this guy for a year but it was out of pity, this guy truly loved me but the feelings was not mutual.
I never had feelings for him, I tried explaining to him that I cannot go on with the relationship but he tried committing suicide so I decided to stay in the relationship for a while.
All these while he has been very supportive to me and I really appreciate but after a while I couldn't continue with him and I broke up with him. Even with the break up he still begs me everyday to come back to him that he wants to settle down with me but I refused because I don't want to date out of pity.
Then I got into another relationship with another guy that loves me and I love him too, this new guy is also very supportive and caring, also wants to settle down with me.
My issue here with this new guy is that anytime we have issues, it could take days and weeks that we don't communicate, I am always the one to make a move and apologize even when he is at fault but my ex, whenever we have issues he quicky try to see that we resolve the matter.
Please ma I am really confused here, I hope I am not making a mistake by breaking up with the first guy who has been apologizing all these while for us to come back together even when I know he is not at fault but I am still in love with the guy I am presently dating.
Please ma help me out. Thank you

Not at all oh! You're not making a mistake, you only went for what you wished for, to be in love with a man, and I guess this is the price to pay for loving a man. 
The worst thing anyone should do is date a man or lady out of pity, in fact it's worse than hatred because it's a painful betrayal of genuine affection from an individual. 
Since you don't love your ex irrespective of his good intentions and selfless commitment to the relationship, please don't border considering him, just continue to apologize and plead for your relationship to work out. 
I hope that he doesn't date you out of pity or make mockery of your sacrifices for the relationship to succeed. His attitude suggests that his ego and pride may have a negative impact on your relationship, but I pray that God will give you the wisdom and understanding to manage his shortcomings and love him selflessly. 
Allow your ex to heal and date a lady who will love and appreciate him without making him feel inadequate as a man.

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