Sunday, April 16, 2017

After Sex, He Changed!

I am a lady of 24 years, I have been hurt in all the relationship that I have engaged in. That depressed me to the extent that I stopped dating for more than a year now. 
It happened that I met a certain guy who seemed holy, and I fell in quickly. We made love, things where just okay, we would share the word of God together.
I thought he is the one until he was no longer picking up my calls, no longer calls me like everyday.
It's hard to forget about him, I love him.
What should I do?

I won't encourage you to forget about him, I mean a holy man that shares the word of God with you, and 'delivers' himself after sharing the word. 
But always remember that not everyone who preach the gospel, who shares the word of God, who seems holy, actually have a personal relationship with God. 
The painful truth is that he was only in love with your body, not your soul and spirit. He was interested in your vagina, not your growth as a person.
And since he got what he wanted, I feel that he might have started another 'fellowship' with another lady, and who knows what 'revelation' he's sharing with her at the moment. 

Cheer up and be positive, Christ is risen from the death, your relationship will get better, and God will bless you with your own partner, not a deceptive or manipulative partner. 

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