Sunday, July 2, 2017

All I Think of Now is Suicide!

Good morning ma! Please ma I need your help, the only thing on my mind now is suicide.
I am 28 years old, got married April 2017, only to find out I don't love my husband. I married him because of the pressure from family.
The person I love wasn't talking about marriage, so I decided to go with this guy, though it was a distant relationship all through. 
No matter how hard I try to love him, all I see is the other guy. I have given up on myself cos depression has landed me in hospital now, while doctors treat other things. I know the cause of my sickness.
What should I do?

Please take a walk from your marriage without any further delays. There is no need to punish yourself any further or to frustrate your husband anymore. 
Where your health is in danger, please think safety, not the opinion of men. This is not the time to worry about how you got into this mess, but the time to leave him, and regain your sanity. 
You may explain your decision later if you consider that necessary. 
No need to force yourself to love a man who you genuinely don't connect with.
Take a walk, there's freedom ahead of you.

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  1. The way we now see marriage ehn, it bothers me. I haven rested since I read both the problem and advice given. We see marriage as a thing to do away with at the slightest dissatisfaction. She no know say she don't turn second hand for where the other guy dey. Trust Nigerian men, she has probably been communicating with him and he is filling ur head with nonsense, when u play with ur marriage and it ends, u will see ur love's true colour and be looking for how to get back to ur marriage. The first step is accepting responsibility, from her mail, she has not accepted her mistake of dating 2 guys at the same time, she hasn't accepted that she made selfish decision of marrying for reasons that suit her, instead she puts the blame on her family. She hasn't accepted her crime of deception. AlL she wants is to leave d marriage. Nne take a walk and see women who will rush to occupy ur space. Wake up from ur deep slumber and act like a married woman. Iche na i ka wu umuazhi


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