Monday, July 3, 2017

I Lost Interest in Sex!

Greetings to you ma and my wonderful people. I got married to the best husband on earth but the issue now is I discovered have lost interest in sex since
I gave birth three months ago through CS.
My question now is, is it how it normally happens because this is my first child? Is something wrong with me? Is it too early to think of sex?
(my doctor advised we can have sex after one month) Please help a sister.

Sex after first child is a peculiar experience for nursing mothers and can be different for different women. 
It's normal not to desire sex especially when you have a new baby to romance and pamper every time. Sometimes, it's because of the stress and discomfort that comes with taking care of your new baby. Also it could be because of the pain and discomfort you experienced during childbirth. 
In all of these, you can take a baby steps, just like what happened when you were a virgin, and gradually wake up the passion for sexual intimacy. 
Remember to adopt a family planning method that is healthy for both of you, to avoid scoring another goal while you're still nursing your baby. 

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