Friday, July 28, 2017

Am I Destined for Heartbreak?

Good morning ma, thanks for the great work you are doing,
Ma please I wrote to you sometime last year concerning how unlucky I am when it comes to relationship and you wholeheartedly advised me not to use my past to ruin my future, thanks for the advise.
I finally let go of my past, ma towards August ending I decided to date a guy from the same village with me right here in Delta State.
Ma to my greatest surprise, just last month he called off the relationship, that I shouldn't call, text and check on him again. I cried for days cause my heart was seriously bleeding.
Ma is it only me that is bound to receive heart break, most especially is at the peak of marriage rite.
I'm totally confused, cause by September I will clock 30 years. Ma, please I really need your advise.

For a man you supposedly loved to talk to you like a stranger or a nuisance suggests to me that you were the one in an attachment/situationship with him and not him. Perhaps he tagged along because it doesn't hurt to get free cookies from your oven. 
Being single doesn't in any way mean that you should expose yourself to anyone that comes around you. It doesn't mean that you should accommodate some rubbish in the name of love. 
You need to upgrade your esteem or confidence and place a premium on yourself. Refrain from unhealthy associations and examine whoever is coming into your life before agreeing to date him. 
His instructions sounds like you were doing him a disservice loving him, you truly deserve better. 
You deserve better. 

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