Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Anything Under the Skirt Turns Him On!

Good evening ma. May God bless you for your good works, and may God continue to keep and protect you. I have been a silent follower and this is my first post.
I was in a relationship for seven years, and we broke up around January due to distance and some little issues. And now I have decided to carry on with my life.
I have two guys asking me for marriage but I have little challenges about them. Mr A is a good man, he has the fear of God but with little income, and he's not my kind of man. Ma'am I have been forcing myself to see if I can love him but things still remain the same. Mr B on the other hand does not really have the fear of God, always have issues with his family, and he's someone that can't do without sex but has good plans for himself.
The sex part is a big problem because anything under skirt turns him on. I spoke to him about it, and he promised to change. My fear is; what will happen if we get married? Will I be able to leave him with a female friend, a maid or a sister at home? Because he used to embarass himself outside because of sex(though he promised to change) don't know if it is spiritual problem ooo.
I see this guy as someone that understands me and I understand him as well. We hardly have issues but my concern is his addict to sex. Please I need advice from you and your fans ma.
Mr B does not have a job but he's trying to set up his own business.

I have no idea what your kind of man looks like, but I do know that a man who genuinely have a personal relationship God will most definitely take care of his wife like a tender baby. 
A man who genuinely works hard and earns a living, no matter how little, is a responsible man and a man who will grow with time.
A man who fears God, and delights in God's word and ways, will most certainly give his wife peace of mind and a peaceful home. You won't have any reason to doubt his words or question his faithfulness, because he is truthful, open, and willing to grow with you. 
I am making emphasis on having a personal relationship with God, not just dressing up decently and being committed to the church. 
But since he's not your kind of man, I will suggest that you leave him and allow him to date a lady who will appreciate his personality and his vision as a man. 
When I read about Mr B, I had so much going through my mind. I was like, could he be your kind of man? 
Well, your description of him, and how you made excuses for every of his weaknesses made me conclude that you are definitely in love with him. Or could it be because maybe you have tasted the 'forbidden fruit'? 
I'm a bit puzzled between telling you the reality of getting married to a man who cannot control his pen-is and giving you tips on how to grow in love with Mr B. 
Since you understand him and see a future with him, let me save my thoughts on his sexual challenges and focus more on how you can grow in love with him. 
Remember that he loves sex, so you should always give him quality sex as often as possible, not that it will stop his pen-is from wandering, but you will be assured that you gave your best to make him happy. 
Please if you don't want to have any horror issues, don't tempt him by bringing any lady in your home, including your mother. You never can tell, he only promised to change, don't know if his pen-is is in agreement with his mouth. 
You will need to pray for him, fast with him, and be extremely patient with him. Like you already know, he's not pretending to be a Saint, so don't complain about what you already know. 
Finally, remember that God sent you to his life to help him become a better man, and if you don't have the wisdom, maturity, understanding, patience, and the capacity he needs to grow with you, you may end up struggling to cope with his personality and inadequacies. 
As for his family issues, I'm hopeful that things will be sorted out, and that once he sets up his business, things will be a little more rosy and beautiful for you. Don't forget to give room for one or two side chicks, sorry I meant friends, because he will still need helping hands in his business. 
But if you cannot cope with his personality, please save yourself by moving on with your life, and trust God for a man who won't turn you to mother Theresa but will help you function as a helpmeet to him. 
If he's addicted to sex, he needs a therapy program to help him overcome his addiction before considering marriage; that is if he sees it as an addiction and not as a fun experience.

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