Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Could This be Love?

I want to say a big thank you to you ma, God bless you richly ma. My friends whom I told about your page are all testifying.
I have been so scared of relationship after the last one I was into ended, so I decided to stay on my own. Though it has not been easy but now with much guys around me, I have decided to go for the one my heart beats for.
It's barely one month I started a new job and I meet people on daily basis.
There are two white men who come to my office, though each time they come they will always say one funny thing or the other, and as a woman am already liking the other one.
So one faithful day during my break hour, I took a walk into the airport that's close by. I stormed into those two guys who were asking me out, though I was with my colleague. Both guys were together and I boldly walked up to the other person whom my heart fell for and I told him that I would want to see him so he excused his friend, though the other guy was like, 'I thought you are coming for me',  so I said no.
I told the one I walked out with I need his number which he gave me and he said "I don't like Orobo but I like you,  you know most of you Nigeria girls likes money more than your lives, am sorry for saying this but hope you actually like me because I like you too".
I told him am not coming for your money, I came for you. So I asked him when he is going to be off from work, he said weekends and I told him I will be off by Monday. He said he will be busy on Monday, and he kissed my forehead and said good bye.
I added him on Whatsapp and I called him sugar he responded by calling me pepper lol.
So during my break hours today, I called him and we talked well and I asked him if we could meet on Sunday evening and he said okay.....
Ma, my heart chose this guy and not his friend. I don't need his money, I can take good care of myself with my monthly income. I need a relationship not the other way round.
I need your advice and that of your fans. Thanks and may God strengthen you with wisdom ma, thank you once again.

Are you sure this man is looking for a long term relationship and not an office romance? Are you sure you are genuinely in love with him and not his complexion?
Take things slowly, not all that shines has a long term value. Enjoy the attention but don't lose sight of your vision for the relationship. 
Time will reveal everything, simply take things a day at a time. 
Hint : if two men love you at the same time, they may just be around because they want sex, nothing serious. 
Be guided, all the best.


  1. Guy is supposed to asked you your phone number not the other round.

  2. Guy is supposed to asked you your phone number not the other way round.

    1. From which law / moral basis that it's the duty of a guy to ask for contact?. Please grow up.


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