Thursday, July 27, 2017

How Do I Love Again?

Aunty Amara good evening, sorry I have not been able to send you a message for sometime now, reason was  because I was trying to get back on my feet and I am doing great, I need your advice and that of your fans.......
My relationship of one year and one year of courtship just crashed within a twinkle of an eye last month, reason because my fiancé travelled out of the country, last month June made it a year he left.
We have been in a very good terms all along until last month he just called me to say I shouldn't wait for him, that the way he is going is not the way he planned it to be, in order not to keep me waitng I should find another suitor!!!!!
That statement crashed my castle I have been building. It was not easy at all up till now my family is not aware of what is going on because both families are involved already; a little formal introduction has been done.
My issue right now is how to move on???? How to love again??? How to meet new people???? Everyone around me knew I had a committed relationship I was into, no one is aware of what's on ground. Am so confused... Will be 27 years by December.

No heartbreak is a fun party, it is only a reminder that humans are bound to change and promises broken. 
Looking back at what you invested and sacrificed for the relationship to prosper, you will have every reason to feel broken and shattered, but looking unto God who knows the future much more than your experience, you can dream again and find comfort in His promises. 
Though it wasn't what you planned, I want you to appreciate your ex for being honest with the reality of his commitment to the relationship. There are some individuals who would have kept you waiting for so many years, only for them to marry another lady while they promise endless love to you. 
It is a whole lot better for you because you now have another opportunity to open up, make friends, and allow God to bless you with your own husband.
Let your family know the latest and move on with your life. The moment you find the courage to talk about a breakup, you will receive the strength and comfort you need to love again. 
You don't owe anyone any explanation for what happened, you only need to be positive that this is only but an evidence that he's not the one God has prepared for you.
You will find love, you will meet your husband, you will find happiness, and you will find a fulfilling relationship/marriage. Don't underestimate God's ability because of your experience, He's preparing a man who will pamper you like a beautiful baby. 
Cheer up and be hopeful, this too shall end in praise.

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