Thursday, July 27, 2017

Is This Enough To Terminate a Ten Years Old Relationship?

Thank you for your encouragement to people's matter, may God continue to give you more wisdom. Ma, please I want you to judge this.
I met a guy in 200level in 2008, since then we have been together. He asked for my hands in marriage which I accepted, because he wanted to travel abroad I told him to that I would wait for him.
Then in 2012, he traveled abroad, since then I have been crying to God all the night asking God to bless him. Till January 2016, God opened door for him, he started building house in his village.
All the money has been in my account, just last year October, we had a little misunderstanding because I used his money without telling him, he now got angry. He started calling people, telling them is over between us.
just last week Saturday, he posted one lady's picture on Facebook as his wife. After waiting for him for more than five years in Nigeria and five years in abroad.

Accountability means being able to give detailed information of every financial transaction you carry out. Accountability also means being able to seek permission/notify anyone who has entrusted any money to your care before taking a penny from the money. 
I understand that you felt entitled to use his money without informing him, probably because you have been with him for a long time, but in all sincerity that was a wrong thing to do.
That said, the honest truth is that your boyfriend has always been cheating on you, just that your church mind didn't capture it. This was just a bait he used to dump you, not that it was sufficient enough for him to call you out and then hook up with another lady within days. 
Painfully you had to sacrifice your time for a man who never had a long term vision with you, reason it's not wise for a lady to wait for a man. I will encourage you to consider moving on with your life and leave everything to God. 
He's faithful to give you your own husband.

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