Wednesday, July 26, 2017

She Aborted Without My Consent!

Good evening ma, I am relationship with a girl and she took in one month after we started dating which I later took her for test to confirm it and I took her to see my parents which they gave us their blessings.
I asked her to take me so I could go and see her parents, she told me her patents do not like me, then I told her we had to part ways in this case but she insisted I'm the one she wants. I discovered she was seeing some other guy which she claimed he was the one her parents like.
To cut the long story short, she went and did abortion without my knowledge, I came to find out that those pregnancy signs were no longer there and I took her for scan and it was confirmed that she was not pregnant.
I felt so bad, mind you I never for once denied the pregnancy and I was ready to do the necessary things but I wasn't given the chance.
I asked her what happened to the baby, she is yet to give me any reasonable answer. I asked her to leave my house, she refused and she told me she can't leave me that she is used to me.
I had to leave the house for her to stay pending when I take a decision. Please house what would you do in this case if you were to be in my shoes, I love her so much but she has really hurt me.

A lady who had the guts to abort your child without informing you is not a lady you should commit yourself to for marriage. 
Secondly, she seems not to know exactly what she wants, whether you or the other man, and as such claims to be in love with you while she's dancing to the tune of the other man. 
If what she claimed her family said was true, she seems not convinced enough to let her parents know who she's comfortable with, which to me is a subtle sign that she may leave you if her parents presses any further. 
I won't tell you whether to continue with her or not, but there is more to this lady than her manipulative stories. 
You know better than I do what you need in your wife and woman, if she's the best companion for your marriage, please forgive her and accept her imperfect personality.

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