Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Please Help Me!

Aunty Amara good afternoon, please help me. I have a fiancé, he stays in Lagos but is planning on traveling but I stay in Abuja.
January this year, I took in, but later had a miscarriage. One night I called him, a lady picked his call and told me to stop calling his man. Two days later, he called and begged me to be patient with him, that he just wanted to get something from the lady that he will fix everything soon.
Last week, he came to Abuja for his Visa, and the lady called, he told her to stop calling him. Now he is back to Lagos, I called, he told me to stop calling him because he is with the lady, that he needs to focus.
Please ma, help me. Thanks.

I am really laughing my heart out here. Trust me, this mail made me laugh so much. 
I didn't know that we still have some ladies with special kind of empty fish brain. 
No thanks to this man who specializes in playing with ladies like table tennis ball. 

Dear sister, 
Even if you don't love yourself, why not at least give yourself some dignity and courtesy for the sake of your parents who invested so much to see you become a beautiful lady? 
I mean, how on earth are you comfortable with this stupid arrangement of keeping a man who cheats with impunity and alacrity(grammar... Lol)?
I mean, you shouldn't sell your common sense for fake love, or are you not seeing the handwriting on the wall? 
Allow him to focus on his Lagos babe. Move on with your life and pray for a man who will focus only on you and not one who shares himself between two ladies.
Anyways, if you enjoy his games, perhaps you can play with him. 

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