Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Does Osu Exist even in Christianity?

Good afternoon Aunty Amara ,God bless you for all you are doing.
My relationship of almost two years has been a beautiful one built on Christ, we have agreed to keep ourselves until after wedding. My introduction has been fixed for October,
only for my mother-in-law to be to tell my fiance yesterday that my fore-fathers are OSU.
We are both from Imo state, they are catholics and we are Pentecost all. I am 28 years and he is 36 years. I have never heard of that or believed it, please advice me am so depressed.

Aunty good evening,i have never posted here, am scared of losing the love of my life,does the tradition of #osu still exist even with Christ? I am really depressed, HELP!!!.

To those who are in Christ Jesus, there is therefore no condemnation of whatsoever in any form or manner; but to those who are religious or custodians of tradition, OSU remains an integral part of their cultural heritage. 
I try so much not to make a definite opinion on issues as sensitive as OSU not because I believe in it, but because those who do doesn't have the light of God's word in their lives, it will be almost impossible for anyone to convince them to believe otherwise. 
So the first thing to do is make enquiries into your lineage to know the truth about your foundation. Secondly, when you know the truth, let your fiancĂ© and his family know the truth. It's possible that she's speculating what's false. 
If your fiancĂ© decides to marry you against all odds, it's his decision to make, but whatever happens please do not lose your esteem or lose focus in God. 
Things may not work according to our plans but in all they work in accordance to God's purpose for our lives. 
This is one of those tests of your love for each other and your convictions in life, whatever he decides to do, please respect his decision and surrender everything to God.

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