Sunday, October 29, 2017

Is it Right to Ask your Girlfriend for Money?

Good morning ma, congrats on your new home.
My boyfriend and I love each other so much, he left Nigeria because he doesn't like the way things work here and I supported him all through. Sometimes when I go visiting, I try to manage or even use my money so he could save up and leave.
He finally left and was job hunting for about five weeks in which I kept on praying for him, even made a vow to God on his behalf.
Now he has gotten a job, to God be the glory and he needs to attest his documents in Nigeria before he can start which will cost him money.
Yes I love him and I have been there for him but I'm not stupid, he gave his friend his whole cash left on him because the guy was stranded at the airport.
When I found out, I kept mute because we're not married and I wouldn't want to start acting like a wife already.
The issue is, he needs money to get back his documents so he can start work immediately and myself I'm a final year student, I have about ₦30,000 in my account.  He asked me for money and I said I'll give him ₦20,000, asked him when I'll get it back and he said January.
Like seriously, I'm in dire need of money too, like I'm not working, mum is a widow, I just try to manage and cut down on all my expenses which he knows quite alright. We had a heated argument and he said I'm not understanding, who in his right senses would give out his last card to go hungry? it's good to be selfless but not stupid.
Well, we broke up after the argument and I got blocked both on Facebook and Whatsapp.
NB I normally lend him money in the past, sometimes I even dash just because I want him to make it.
Guys in the house, is it right to ask your girlfriend for money? I can only boast of ₦20,000 he sent me sometime in January, a birthday cake and a wristwatch for a relationship of about fourteen months.
Please advise me guys because I'm even ashamed of talking to friends about this.

There is nothing wrong with supporting the one you love financially if you are in the position to help. 
However, there is a difference between sacrifice and stupidity, and if your partner didn't consider your need before making the request, then I don't think he genuinely cares about you or your personal challenges. 
If he genuinely loved you, maybe he would have given you some money to take care of your need before traveling. 
Let's assume that he has the right to who he chooses to help, I also feel that he ought to be considerate with his request knowing that you aren't working at the moment. 
Blocking you? Well, I guess you were the one in love, while he was not genuinely interested in you.
In all, learn the lesson and move on with your life.

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