Thursday, February 1, 2018

How Do I Tell Him that I am Pregnant?

Good evening ma, please I need your wise counsel. I have known this guy for one year now, though we don't stay in the same state, but we meet when he comes back.
This January, we met: made love, and thereafter he sent me a message that he was going to the village, that he lost his niece.
Since then, he did not call nor return my call. When I kept calling, he sent me a text that he is not feeling good, and that his dad has stroke.
He kept acting that way, so I sent him text demanding why he treats me that way. He said he was sorry, that he has been highly depressed this January, and that it is nothing about me.
All my efforts to cheer him up or communicate for three weeks now failed.
I am pregnant now, and I don't know how to tell him so as not to worsen the issue, and I am afraid he will blame it on me, being a nurse.
Ma, I was on my safe period, I don't know what happened. I still took postinor but all failed. Now, I am caught in between telling him and fear of worsening the depression as I know he will opt for an abortion.
Ma, please counsel me please. 

From your mail, it shows that you are sexually aware and conscious of your decision, and the consequences of your decision to have sex with him. 
Since you are left with your pregnancy, you need to take charge of this situation and evaluate the best possible way to handle this without harming yourself in the process. 
Just like you know, no decision comes without a consequence. Should you wish to consider abortion, remember that it may take your life, your womb, or damage your vital organs if you have any complications. 
If you decide to keep your pregnancy, it only means that you need to prepare yourself for the responsibility that comes with pregnancy and child care. 
As much as it is good to inform your friend about your pregnancy, you need to realize that the burden of this pleasure rests solely on you. You are the one who will bear the greater responsibility of your sexual experience with him. 
You don't need to be depressed or to lose your mind when you can take charge of the situation and decide what is best for you at this point. 
From the feedback of your friend, it is obvious that he's technically avoiding you, and he doesn't wish to have anything to do with you. 
It is not the myriad of challenges he claimed to have that is limiting him from communicating or reaching out to you, it's simply because he's only interested in sex much more than he is interested in you, and your getting pregnant is one thing that he may never wish to associate himself with. 
Take the responsibility for this, decide what you feel is the best alternative for you, and endeavor to inform him of your pregnancy, whatever be your decision. 
Though you were never prepared for pregnancy, but you can decide to deliberately prepare for motherhood, and give your child a chance to experience humanity. 


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