Sunday, August 26, 2018

Broken: Three Years of Waiting and Investing in Him Wasted!

Good day Aunty Amara, please help me, I am broken. I met a guy three years ago, he already had a first degree, but was into another degree in law. I told him I could not wait because I was 29 years old then, but he pleaded with me and even sent people to me to plead on his behalf. 
When he was to go to law school, I supported him in the payment of fees. He came back from law school and put up with me in my apartment. I fed, clothed, gave him transport fares and gave him money for his upkeep. I later got a job for him. 
Then right under my roof, he made arrangement for accommodation, furnished and equipped the house without my knowledge. 
I went to church one Sunday, and before I came back, he has moved out of my house. He later sent me a message that he has moved on, that I should also move on with my life. 
I am broken, I am 32 years old now, we have been together for the past three years. 
Don't know what to do. 

This hurts, and I don't want to make light of your pain and disappointment in this relationship. 
It is true that you cannot discern the heart of a man, but it is both wicked and disheartening for him to manipulate you into believing that he was in love with you, when all he wanted was your finances and perhaps your body. 
I want you to look up to God whom you serve and hand everything to Him. Since he felt that the best way to appreciate your sacrifices and love was by leaving a text message to you, let him go and allow God to take charge of your relationship life. 
Forgive him and don't blame yourself for the way the relationship ended, it wasn't your fault that things ended the way it did. Don't regret waiting for him, or investing in him, they are part of the process that is preparing you for your own marriage and ministry. 
The good that you have done for him will definitely be rewarded with greater measures by God. 
The seed of love you sowed in his life will open up better doors for you. 
Maybe a lesson or two from this will guide you in your future relationship with men. 
It's okay to fall in love with a man or wait for the man you love, but consider the risk factors and weigh your options before embarking in such relationship. 
Whatever you do in the name of love should be what you can let go if things don't work out as planned. 
Finally , in every of your decisions, consider your happiness first, and your fulfillment in life. 
Cheer up, this is not the end of your testimony, but the preparation for God's best for your life. 

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