Tuesday, August 21, 2018

How Do I Recover my Money from Him?

Good evening ma, please help a broken and disappointed soul. I type with tears.
I am 38 years old, I met him last year July online. He talked of marriage and I told him let us see each other first.
Both of us are from Anambra, also reside in Port Harcourt, same age. So, we met at Onitsha when I visited my brother's family, and we liked each other.
Next, he came to my brother's house and declared his intention, (my dad is late). We started planning of going to village to collect list. Aunty, I love this guy with everything in me. He told me he got job with Moscow company In Port Harcourt.
A month later, he said they were asked to pay #50,000 for it which I borrowed him. I teach in a private school. I always tell him to invite me to where he resides in his uncle's house, and excuses followed.
He travelled and invited me to know their place, but reaching there he said his mum and sisters went for adoration prayer and didn't dismiss on time, so, they returned to the city where they reside. He called his dad and we talked on phone in February.
This year, he told me his dad died, later he begged for money, I borrowed him. In March, a week after his dad's burial, he told me his mum died. I didn't attend any of the burials cos of work (held on Tuesdays).
Meanwhile, aftr the dad's death, I visited to use the opportunity and know his mum, and pay my condolence, but reaching his village, I met only him. He said that his mum is seriously sick and his elder sister came and took her for proper care. He said that his elder brother had returned to his base in abuja as each of them is looking for money for the burial.
Hmm, that night he broke my virginity and I cried my eyes out cos he forced me. I met his elder sister online and chatted her, was consoling her and she told me their parents died in 2008. That his brother might be joking with me.
I was shocked. Through her, I found out many lies he had told me. I confronted him on phone, he didn't say anything, that when we meet he will explain everything. Up til now he is still avoiding me and not even picking my calls. All the money he borrowed from me is #200,000, including the ones I borrowed from people. Only my mum is aware of this, he doesn't also pick her calls.
How will I tell my brother that I gave someone such cos I have been begging him for money that my salary is poor. Though I told him about the last one which is #25000. What do I do? No one agrees that he knows where Moscow company is in Port Harcourt.
My world has finished. Am just empty and ashamed of myself. The sister said he doesn't also pick her calls again. 

Every day presents a brand new opportunity to learn, grow and experience life and humanity. 
You don't need to be ashamed of yourself for being vulnerable, but you need to add wisdom, understanding, and discerning spirit to help you avoid scammers like this man who comes in the name of marriage. 
Since you have an address of his house, his phone number, his sister's information, and traces of his family member, I suggest that you work towards using the law enforcement agency arrest him and extract your money from him. 
You need to inform every person who can give you valuable information on how to help you arrest him and recover your money. 
He is a scammer, and you don't need to cry or beg but look for ways to get your money from him. 
Secondly, schedule a meeting with his sister and your brother, then discuss this with them, so that they can advise on best possible way to recover your money. 
I hope you have learnt a lesson or two from your experience. Marriage is beautiful, but you must not lose your guard once a man approaches you in the name of marriage. 
Don't fall in love with who you have little or no information about his personality, business, family, and mental stability. 
Do not use your money to do love, especially when you have little or no information about the man or the intention of his heart. 
Avoid borrowing what you can't afford or lose to someone else. 
In all, let your eyes be open to see beyond the words of a man while your heart fall in love with him. 
I hope you recover your money, but I must also let you know that the chances of recovering that money may be minimal, especially when you are dealing with a jobless old man who is out to defraud vulnerable ladies in the name of marriage. 
Good luck.

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