Sunday, August 5, 2018

Should I Dump my Girlfriend for not Being Good in Bed?

Good evening house and madam.
My ex broke up with me without any reason. 
I had no choice but to move on.
My problem now is my present girlfriend, she is beautiful, tall and has good shape but not good in bed and also not romantic at all.
I let her know and told her to learn because I want to marry her, yet no changes. Anytime I am with her, I wll be thinking of my exx bcos of our beautiful sex life.
I promised myself and God that I don't want to have extra marital affair after my marriage bcos I hate it with passion. Now I am afraid that if I marry her I wll end up cheating, and my main reason of planning to marry is to avoid fornication.
Please should I marry this girl or I shoud search for somone that we are sexually compatible??
Please help me, I don't want to cheat in marriage.

Let me help you put your thoughts into perspective. 
If you planned to marry and avoid fornication, then you shouldn't be talking about having premarital sex with every single girlfriend that you meet simply because you want to get one that is good in bed. 
If you are genuinely that good in bed, you will naturally groom a novice into a confident woman in bed with your creativity, expression and communication, then you will patiently guide her through the art of lovemaking. 
You don't need to tell her to learn because you will definitely be there to teach her and then help her connect with your passionate intimacy. 
If you feel that she's not sexually compatible with you, and sex is important to you, you have the freedom to terminate the relationship and look for a lady who will give it to you as you want it. 
But remember that what keeps a home is a good attitude not good sex alone, even though quality sex is good in marriage, it doesn't guarantee peace of mind and fulfillment in marriage. 
Finally, do yourself a favor of not comparing any lady with another lady. Every human is unique, and for the fact that lady A is good in bed doesn't mean that lady D must be good in bed. 
You must learn how to connect with your partner, grow with her and help her improve on her weaknesses if you wish to get the best from her. 
Love adds value to others, and if your love is not patient enough to help your partner become better than you met her, then you were never genuinely in love with her.
In the end, the choice is yours! 
Good luck.

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