Saturday, September 8, 2018

After Six years of Marriage, He Sent me Packing!

Good evening ma. I'm the lady that sent you a message on the 20th of Feb 2016 concerning my marriage( me believing God for the fruit of the womb). 
Ma, I've been told there's fibroid that needs to be removed, but my husband refused saying I have marine spirit because his family said so. Ma, after six years of marriage and standing by him, he conspired with his family and sent me away saying all sort of things against me . Ma, please put me in your prayers. It's four months now, I'm trying to be strong and put myself together, but it hurts because I have been a good wife to him and I expected him to stand by me. 
Ma, instead of this pain and disgrace, I wish I was never married.

Wipe your tears, cheer up, stand up, and brave up for the best in your life. It is okay for a man to disappear when his love or commitment is tested, but if God be for you, then you don't need to cry or live as though you have no hope or future in life. 
If he and his family sent you away, then you need to send yourself to God who has never failed or will He ever abandon you in life. 
Whatever you need to do to be sound and happy as a woman, now is the best time for you to consider it and follow through with it. 
If marriage didn't work with him, it doesn't make you a horrible person, or that you never gave him your all.
Don't let low self esteem or depression to get the best of your mind, brave up and take a stand on where you want to be in life and close the chapter of your life that you are not comfortable with. 
If they bundled you out like a burden, then you may wish to decide whether to burn down the bridge or to continue to torture yourself by begging to be accepted by them. 
This is not a time to regret, but a time to make a decision for yourself, and stand by it.
Your happiness, peace of mind and fulfillment is always more important than any association or individual you may encounter in your journey. 
Brave up, you have a beautiful life ahead of you, and there's absolutely nothing God cannot do for you, irrespective of what people may think of you.

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  1. stfrancis4god@gmail.comSeptember 9, 2018 at 2:39 AM

    That's why i always urge every men and women to be strong in prayers and stop depending on any fucking pastor because they will destroy your home at any given time. My dear sister all you need now is God just go down in prayers and call on your creator he is gonna answer your prayers but make sure you go out sins.


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