Saturday, September 15, 2018

Heartbroken: Never Loved a Lady That Much.

Thanks much for your advise the other time...I really appreciate. 
You see, that lady I told you about eventually said YES and we both started a relationship afterwards as we progress, I did all I could to make her happy, care and lots more....but the relationship was one sided, I was the one doing everything to make it work but she wasn't sure of we both being together. She asked me to give her time for her to grow in love...which I agreed. Many a time, she will blow cold, I'II ask her if there was any problem or is there anything I did wrong or not doing right....she will reply me that she wasn't convinced yet and haven't gotten a revelation from God, as a result she is not yet opened.
I thought that with time everything will sort itself out, but still it continued. Sometimes she tells me she don't feel like being in a relationship and whenever I talk of us being together and working towards marriage, she keep saying if it is God's will and that we should keep praying.... 
Sincerely, I have always prayed about everything for the past three years I have been asking her out...and even now she said YES, I had peace in my heart as regard it....and had faith in it leading to marriage.
I was devasted at her response...I felt within me she was not commited in the relationship and those godly remarks from her stems from unbelief...but I chose to be patient a little and keep trying to get her convinced...

Severally, I will ask her if there is anything I was not doing right but she replied NO, and that the problem was with her not opening up.
After a short while, we both had a mild disagreement regarding this...during the period, she asked for a space which I consented. After some days, she eventually wrote me that she wasn't convinced as regarding the relationship and having doubts, and just scared and not having peace kind of....
I asked her why scared....because to be truthful....I know I am not too financally bouyant presently; currently working on getting a better job and also enhance my career profile...still I was determined to marry her.. next year.
All, during these period we were dating, I have always asked her if she had peace as regarding the relationship...she will always reply Yes, kind of.

But last outburst really left me baffled, I tried reassuring her of my commitment, how I so much love her and want only the best for her but she replied that she doesn't have same love for me, and she wants us to stop dating, that she doesn't want to be referred to anymore as someone in a relationship...I eventually consented.
Still that month everything happened, I was privileged to meet her when I travelled home....I still brought up the issue, still she maintained her stance.
Ma'am to be honest, I am really heartbroken because I have never loved like this before...
Ever since then, we still sometimes chat on Whatsapp but I am considering cutting off fully from her, because I still love her and I don't know if it still gonna work out between me and her again or I should just let go and move on....
Thanks for your time ma'am

You are a good man, someone who is focused and visionary. You are a responsible man, someone who is not promising love without an attendant commitment and financial responsibility. 
I want you to celebrate yourself and appreciate the fact that you have a genuine heart to love, not for selfish reasons but for a genuine commitment to a woman. 
Snap out of the heartbreak and low self esteem that's beclouding your sense of judgement, or the feeling of defeat that makes you feel like you wasted your time on a wrong person. 
Here's the real truth about the lady's attitude towards you and your intention for her. She likes you, but she was never in love with you. She knew that you were a good friend, but she never saw herself falling in love with you nor getting married to you. 
Forget the no peace, praying, and all of her deceptive excuses she gave to you. The basic truth is that she is not in love with you. 
When a lady loves you, everything around her connects her to her partner; communication is effortless, and she will be so eager to connect with you that your silence becomes a torture to her feelings. 
Brace up yourself, you're too handsome and purposeful for you to beg anyone for love, or beg someone to be in your life. 
Stop torturing yourself by always going to her and pressing for a relationship she's not ready to share with you. 
You have made your intention known, and she have given you her feedback. I suggest that you move on with your life and make friends with other ladies. Don't limit yourself or regret anything, instead see it as an opportunity to meet another amazing lady who is emotionally interested in you and ready to grow in love with you. 
You deserve love, and you deserve a lady that will look beyond your current limitation and grow together with you. You need a friend who genuinely believes in you and sincerely wish to support you in all your endeavors. And if you don't find that in this lady, then by all means move forward and trust God to bring that special woman in your life.

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