Sunday, September 2, 2018

Marriage: Never a Barrier to a Fulfilled Life

Marriage is a beautiful, in fact, the most beautiful experience after salvation of ones soul from eternal damnation. It’s beautiful when you meet someone who supports you, believes in you, and shares values with you, it feels absolutely great. The blessings of having a wonderful spouse in your life is endless and anyone who desires a happy marriage desires something glorious and wonderful.

However, there has been an increase in desperation, panic, fear, and anxiety just because we have to get married by all means. The society, especially Africa, isn’t helping issues at all.

Sometimes we see those subtle signs, warnings, negative vibes, and red flags indicating possible catastrophe in getting married to that person, but we let societal pressure and lust force us into it. Some have paused their career, ambition, dream, vision, and their life simply because they are not married or they don't have a man/woman to call their own. You sacrifice everything, lose your common sense,
and sometimes do some strange things to have that person in your life, but you still end up empty. True happiness actually comes from Jesus alone.

You just want to be married because your friends, younger sisters, and age mates are all getting married. You want to impress your family, beat your timeline, and/or belong to the clique of married men/ladies.

Well, I'm here to let you know that it is wrong to go into marriage just because you feel that without a man or woman in your life, you won't be happy or complete. There's absolutely no height on earth that you cannot reach with or without marriage. While you trust God for your own husband or wife, I will encourage you to pursue your vision and live to the fullness of your dreams.

Not being married doesn't make you handicapped. Being single doesn’t make you  a lesser being; it does not make your married friends better. Marriage is extremely beautiful, but never try to do it your own way. Let God take the lead. You shouldn't let the society frustrate your life by making you buy into their views of what your life and future should be.

Let your passion, vision, and dream consume your life so much that men and women will be rushing to be a part of your life. Discover purpose and passionately pursue it and you will see how naturally attracted people become to you. Anyone who comes into your life should feel blessed for that privilege. You should get to that point where you choose friends and relationships and not them choosing you. But you cannot do this until you discover purpose and live it.

Discover yourself, define your worth, and create a standard for yourself in all humility, and until you have met that man or woman who fits into your vision and values, don't make the mistake of considering marriage with such an individual. You have an understanding of what a bad marriage may look like, don't be a victim by experimenting with your own life. I am saying this from experience, if you have sound values, please go for your type. If you have a dream, please go for a likeminded individual. You will see your world come crashing if you make the mistake of getting into marriage with someone with whom you should have no business.

Not being married at any age or time is not a curse, nor is it a barrier to your greatness.
Prayer contractors and prophets cannot pray a man or woman into your life; God is the only one who will bless you with your own partner. Let God do it in His own time.
While you trust God for your own partner, let the world feel the impact of your light, life and love. Let your skill, wisdom, and knowledge birth solutions to humanity. Aspire to be an individual whose life becomes a reference point with or without a man/woman in your life. Don't worry over what God will fix for you ; and don't fix that which you know is beyond your capacity.
Don't settle for just anyone, or let anyone make you feel like you are a lesser human simply because you are not married at a particular age. You haven't come this far to ruin your life and future with a bad choice of partner. You cannot afford to settle for just anyone. You are God’s princess. You are God’s prince. You don’t give to dogs food meant for the children. God has one of His princes for you. God has one of His many princesses for you. Just serve and follow Him. He can decide to give you that spouse today. He can decide to do it in five years. Just trust and obey Him. You cannot afford to be counted as one of the casualties of marriages, simply because you allowed external pressure to manipulate your decisions as an individual. Listen more to God and shut your ears from every background noise coming from the world.

Look beyond your fears, and embrace your vision once again. Marriage will come when it wishes to, but while you wait, let your life be so colorful that you will look back at your past and be grateful for your choices and decisions in life.

Live life to the fullest. You deserve the best that life has to offer. Enjoy your life. “Do you”  in the fear of God and in obedience to His will for your life. Don’t try to be someone else. Be genuine. Be real. Be you.

You have my blessings and prayers.

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